Education Freedom Accounts

Education Freedom Accounts (EFAs) empower families to find education environments that work best for them. State education funds can be used for a variety of purposes, including school tuition, textbooks, technology, special education services, and other education-related expenses. The amount available averages approximately $4,600 per eligible child.

Why EFAs?

The pandemic further underscored the need for families to have more options and greater control over their children’s education.

Education Freedom Accounts (EFAs) allow funds to follow the child to whichever education pathway is best for their unique needs and talents, giving every child the opportunity to succeed by having a more individualized approach to education.

Granite State students now have the opportunity to access an educational environment that works for them, no matter where they live or any monetary barriers they may face.


Our goal has to be to ensure the best possible education for all New Hampshire students. We want our K-12 schools to help students build knowledge and skills, and to identify and unlock their talents and passions. Doing so is critical to students' future success – whether starting a career or continuing their education.

To that end, all kids should have access to a quality education, regardless of their income or ZIP code – one that provides them the opportunity to learn and succeed by applying their abilities in ways to help improve their lives.